Kingston Communications – Incomparable Incompetence

We all know that British Telecom is rubbish but for those of us unfortunate enough to live in East Yorkshire, even BT would be a significant improvement.  We have Kingston Communications and this small local monopoly sets new benchmarks in lousy customer service.

However, I have to be fair to KC.  No sooner had I finished this elaborate letter than the notification of the refund I was chasing dropped through the letterbox.  I was therefore unable to send it.  Nonetheless, having put so much effort into it, I couldn’t let it go to waste.

The style of the letter was inspired by B J Shone, whose pictorial letter to SouthWest Airlines was a stroke of genius.  Like BJ, I crave the indulgence of the copyright owners for the various pictures.

KCOM letter - part 1

KCOM letter - part 2

KCOM letter - part 3



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