LA Fitness: The Naked Truth

Thanks to Richard C of Los Angeles California for sending in his letter to Louis Welch, the CEO of LA Fitness after the health club chain forced Richard into displaying his wedding tackle on Hollywood Boulevard…

July 18th, 2013

Louis Welch
Chief Executive Officer, LA Fitness/Fitness International, LLC
6400 Irvine Boulevard
Irvine, California 92620

Dear Mr. Welch,

I’m sure you must have lost my first two letters, so perhaps a third might engender a response. It’s unfortunate that it took a forced naked jaunt down Hollywood Blvd for me to send you belated congratulations on the successful acquisition of the Bally Fitness clubs here in the Los Angeles area. As a 21-year member of Bally, now LA Fitness, I just wanted to commend you on mastering the inorganic business model so popular with the maverick businesses of today.

Indeed, the old organic model of growing a business through good products and quality services is simply too slow, by downgrading to cheap products and abysmal services – one can rapidly harvest cash for merger and acquisition targets – a more efficient growth model for sure, and by all measures, you are a master at this!

Kudos Louis!

I am writing to share my excellent customer service experience with you personally as I’m sure it’s important for you to nurture and reward excellence within your organization. After showering at your club at 1628 N. El Centro on July 8th, I was surprised to find my locker burgled and all of my possessions gone –car keys, bag, lock, phone, wallet, even my dirty gym clothes – the works!

I was clearly informed by your staff that there is no liability for the actual theft, which I assumed, but here’s the best part; your staff was impeccably trained on the inorganic business principle of “abysmal services” and no matter what I asked, or how I pleaded for mercy; they successfully avoided any liability, responsibility or even a modicum of human kindness.

The manager Pricilla H answered all my questions. For example;

Q:  “I need to speak with security”

A:  “We have no security”

Q:  “Can you find something from lost and found for me to wear?”

A:  “We have no lost and found”

Q:  “Can you alert the parking attendant not to let my car out?”

A:  “(no answer, just walked away).”

It became pretty clear that any additional attempts at garnering support, intelligence, comfort, or any basic human kindness was a useless exercise.  In fact, upon each answer, she attempted to turn away and avoid continued discussion–leaving me half naked in the public lobby, clutching a dripping towel to my privates for the 45 minutes I was begging for mercy.

So out the front door I walked, half naked, my pride swinging in the breeze (and I didn’t even get arrested for indecency!) no money, no phone, no idea how I would race the burglars back to my house, or if my car was being burgled or stolen from your parking lot.

Kudos Louis!

An utter lack of security personnel or cameras, no company policy for such events, no training, or consideration of public accommodation.  You’ve built a lean and mean (and I do mean mean) organization that is destined to take its place next to the likes of Bear Sterns, Charter Communications, AT&T and other top 10 most infamous companies in America.

Louis, is it an overreaction to have canceled my membership of over 21 years? Am I so out of touch with my inner-masochist to not find forced nudity, public humiliation, fear and emotional distress exciting?


Richard C.
Los Angeles

Richard never did send DCR a reply so I think it’s safe to say that Louis Welch didn’t bother to reply. You can see from the comments that Richard’s opinion of LA Fitness is shared by many.

Let us know your experience.

5 thoughts on “LA Fitness: The Naked Truth”

  1. Your are 100% right about the service lacks at all LA fitness is very sad. I also cancelled my membership and we pass this on to all my friends about the service on top over priced! I signed up for youthfit way better.

    This story begins as follow…. It was Monday afternoon I was signed up for the signature club located at brickel management was great, but as far as staff not so good any ways. I tend to go to which ever one so i decided to go to the LA fitness in sunset place I finished my workout. I went up to the reception where I told the lady to validate my ticket she said I dont have the parking pass if i want it its 10 dollar a month. I told no last time i came they did it without no explanation whats so ever this is new so the. I said i want you to validate it because im a customer coming from la signature as a courtesy do it again. She said “no” i asked her let me speak to your manager she then said “im the manager” as a manager you do what ever is possible for the customer. Of course i rasied hell because they deserved it you dont deny someone who is asking you to validate the ticket no. I asked to speak to another manager guess what the old man sided with her of course again i did raved i said stuff because of how pissed of i was over a stupid validation. It went that far that i decided to cancel. Is funny how they do not understand that we the customer pay their checks!!!!!!!! President Mr. Welch do something about it decipline them let them know they were hire to give a service not to have customer cancel their membership!!!!!!!!

  2. LA Fitness in Lake Zurich IL has found a way to reduce theft – they just don’t open the club on time on the weekends. Too bad crooks – you’ll have to wait also .

  3. This is the worse, retarded, off the wall bunch of whackado illiterate jackasses I have ever seen. That don’tknow how to talk, respond and communicate with people. Why should I join and be a member. Your competitors are better than you. I am going to tell anyone, and everyone that I can why they should never join this flaky, weirdo unfitness center how you are all useless and a wasteof time

  4. I was ripped off by LA Fitness in Washington St. I was going to be there for only a month or so and asked if I could sign up for a month membership. The membership counselor said “you can’t sign up for one month, but you can sign up for two months”. I thought that was a good deal and signed. They guy said “You can always cancel” which I thought was strange since I specifically asked for one month and he said I could only get 2 months.

    The guy was being blatantly deceptive. Later, what he actually meant was “you can’t sign up for just one month, but you can sign on and then cancel the recurring billing, which will continue so long as you don’t cancel.”

    This put a negative mark on my credit. I’ll NEVER spend money at an LA Fitness again. Gold’s Gym is not much better but LA Fitness go to hell!


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