Sonim Technologies: The Mad Fire Fighter and the Jingle Song

DCR’s favourite Dutchman and professional fire-fighter, Thomas de Graaff, is slightly bonkers.  He sends crazy letters to unsuspecting product manufacturers just to see what comes back.  He also likes to make telephone calls whilst fighting raging infernos (like I said, he’s bonkers).  He is therefore a big fan of his virtually indestructible, bad-ass mobile phone, made by Sonim Technologies.

So much so, he wrote a song about it….

Dear Customer Relations,

I have never really been that good at keeping track of time, but based on the magnetic moment of the Moon I believe it has been roughly a year since I took the proverbial leap of faith and purchased the widely acclaimed IP-68 certified XP1300 Core. As a firefighter and seasoned outdoor enthusiast I had almost made peace with the idea that no phone on this planet was built just for me. Having previously owned thirteen (13!) mobile phones in just as many years, I cannot begin to tell you how satisfied I am with this remarkable device of unprecedented ruggedness.

While the phone does suffer from one very distinct flaw (i.e. every other six weeks I have to pretty much turn our house upside down because I keep forgetting where I left the wall charger), there are so many things I like about it that I wouldn’t even know where to start. A feature I am particularly excited about is being able to ask my four-year-old about her first day at school while simultaneously battling an infernal refinery blaze. I also appreciate the fact that the screen is constructed of gorilla glass, which never fails to inspire fear and respect whenever I mention it.

All this, however, fades in comparison to what I truly love most about this phone. It may come as no surprise to you that I am referring to the instantly recognisable text message jingle. While virtually all mobile phone manufacturers pack their devices with a confusing bunch of tedious-sounding text message tunes, your team of engineers hit the nail right on the head with just one single tone so impressive both from a technical and musical point of view that it makes me want to cry tears of joy whenever I hear it. As opposed to some of my musically less educated colleagues and friends, I do fully support your bold decision to disable the uploading of any custom sounds whatsoever. Too many people these days are being allowed to jeopardise their own credibility by making their phones produce silly, annoying, offensive or absurdly discrete sounds. Not so as far as you folks are concerned. As a matter of fact I am so passionate about the Sonim Text Message Jingle that I actually taught myself to sing it in two voices. Give it a shot yourself and you will really understand how much I value your work.

Anyway, since a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled, I took the liberty of doing some promotional work for you and spreading the excitement. I thought I’d sample the Sonim Text Message Jingle and turn it into an epic song, which, after careful thought and consideration, I named “The Sonim Text Message Jingle Song”. Believe it or not, it even comes with a beautifully crafted music video. I hope you will like it as much as I do. (if the video doesn’t load straight away, use SHIFT F5 to refresh the page):

What’s more, as a result of my promotional work, one of my favourite radio stations has recently started using the Sonim Text Message Jingle for their news broadcasts.

Rugged regards,

P.S.: The phone got, umm, lost during the shooting of the video. Would you mind sending me a shiny new phone or any other kind of compensation to ease the pain?

Personally, I suspect that he didn’t lose it.  I think the train won the fight with Thomas’s phone.  Nonetheless, Bob Plaschke, Chairman and CEO of Sonim Technologies Inc was so impressed that he put Thomas’s video on Sonim’s website and what’s more, he didn’t just send Thomas a new phone, he sent four new phones so that Thomas and his fire-fighter mates could all call home whilst on the job.  So, if you hear of any major refineries in Holland being destroyed by fire, you will know why.

You can read more about the response from Sonim on Thomas’s Dear Ferrero Blog here


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