Whiskas: Feline Eating Disorders

In August 2011, I didn’t really have anything to complain about but I hadn’t written any letters for a while so I thought it was high time I did. 

When the cat threw up all over the kitchen again, I had an idea….

Customer Relations Department
Mars Petcare UK
Registered Office
3D Dundee Road
Berkshire SL1 4LG

Dear Customer Relations,

Whiskas and Feline Eating Disorders

I have a cat called Nahla (I’d rather have a dog but cats bury their own poo in the garden – usually someone else’s – which is a lot better than picking up smelly poos and putting them in a bin). She’s named after the lioness in the Lion King. She doesn’t look much like a lion, in fact she looks like a tiger that shrank in the wash because she’s small and stripy, but she seems to like the name.

She also likes Whiskas ‘Oh So Meaty’ in Jelly. In fact, she likes Whiskas so much that she gets very stroppy when we give her crunchy cat food which the vet says we have to on account of her gum disease. Her favourite Whiskas is the poultry selection. She doesn’t like the ‘Oh So Fishy’ ones – probably because we live a long way from the sea.

Anyway, I am beginning to get a little worried about Nahla because she keeps being sick after she has eaten her Whiskas. Unfortunately, she seems to prefer to throw up in the house instead of in other people’s gardens. I don’t particularly like the look or smell of Whiskas when it’s fresh from the pouch. When it’s been inside a cat for ten minutes, it’s not nice at all!

I think she is displaying a lot of the classic symptoms of Bulimia.

I have looked up Bulimia on the NHS website and it says that low self esteem could be a major factor. Nahla is much smaller than all the other cats in the neighbourhood and her tummy is a bit ‘saggy’ since she had kittens when she was very young. I suspect that she is being bullied. She is also adopted (she was already over a year old when she came to us) so perhaps she is insecure.

As you are clearly very expert in the area of feline nutrition, I was hoping that you may be able to offer some advice.

Yours hopefully,


Full marks to Mars Petcare, and in particular, to Susan Hendy from their Customer Care Team.  She was soon back to me with a very helpful reply:

07 September 2011

Our ref: 38986993

Dear Anthony

Thanks for getting in touch about our Whiskas products.

Naturally we are concerned by this, and would like to bring it to the attention of our Quality Control Managers. Therefore, if you have retained any puches from the batch in question, could you please return them to us for examination. We will then be able to respond for thoroughly.

You can use the short Freepost address quoted below:

FAO Susan 38986993



Regarding Nahla’s other issues, there are many reasons why cats will vomit, such as eating their favouriute food too quickly, eating something odd while out toileting in other people’s gardens or even if they don’t particularly like your carpet. 

whiskas reply

Low self esteem is not usually a problem for cats, it is usually quite the opposite so I would rule out Bulimia as a cause. It is possible she is anxious about her adoption so perhaps you could give her access to your internet and she could try to trace her relatives that way instead? Maybe she would like to live closer to the sea, you could always sell up and move to see if that makes a difference (that would also solve the issue with your carpet).

I look forward to hearing from you. Please quote the above Ref. No and your postal address when contacting us.

If you need any more help or advice, Please do not hesitate to let me know.

Your sincerely

Susan Hardy

Consumer Care Team

Alas, granting Nahla access to the internet was a bit silly. After all, everyone knows that cat’s paws are too big to use a conventional keyboard, never mind a smartphone!

Nonetheless, I should have replied and kept the exchange going. I guess I must have been too busy with the day job but I have regretted leaving it at that ever since. I think that Susan would have been a great sparring partner.

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