Lloyds TSB: For the Journey… to Hell!

Lloyds TSB collage new

“Goodbye and good riddance you unworthy collection of freeloading, avaricious, scum-encrusted bastards”. .A truly visceral rant to high street bank Lloyds TSB containing more negative adjectives than you can shake a cheque book at. Catharsis at its very best.

Bank of Scotland: Baht-less in Bangkok!

bank of scotland new collage

Bank of Scotland manage to block a travelers bank card and leave him completely bahtless even though he had taken the trouble to warn them that he was travelling to Thailand.

Northern Rock: the World’s Worst Website

northern rock

“You have a website that doesn’t work with the world’s largest and utterly industry standard computer operating system. The website of the UK’s ninth largest bank goes tits-up on every single new computer sold in the world today. I defy anyone to find a more mind-blowing example of commercial stupidity”.