CBeebies Bedtime Hour

CBeebies bedtime collage

This complaint to the BBC television channel CBeebies was penned by Matt Coyne, author of the hilarious book, ‘Man vs Toddler – The Trials and Triumphs of Toddlerdom ‘. It takes issue with the BBC’s scheduling of ‘Bedtime Hour’ at 6.00pm.

Highways Agency – The Last Ghostly Miner

highways agency mole

I had the gross misfortune of commuting along the M62 to Leeds for over 30 years. As if the costs of motoring were not high enough, the Highways Agency’s attitude to routine maintenance leaves much to be desired. So much so that commuters’ cars are being damaged by the appalling condition of the motorway. Well, someone had to tell them….

New Zealand Police: Dumb Ass A & Dumb Ass B

new zealand police collage

This exchange of letters is genuine. It dates from 2005 when computer executive Paul Clarkin received a letter from the local police about an alleged incident of unsafe driving.

West Murcia Police : Oppressing the Proletariat

“I would rather obtain the course fee (£80) in 50 pence coins, heat them all in a pan, and push them individually up my own backside than be talked down to on safety by West Mercia Constabulary”

TV Licensing – I Don’t Even Have a Telly

DCR would like to thank Keith Hunt for submitting the following letter he wrote to TV Licensing after Amazon tipped them off that a TV had been delivered to Keith’s work address.