Checkers: Bacon Philly Cheese Steak – A Study in Minimalism

Checkers Philly Cheese Steak

Dear Customer Relations has become well known for its footnotes ‘For American Readers’ which seek to explain the finer points of UK English and place names to our American cousins. For this remarkable letter written by Tam Tran to US fast food chain, Checkers, the boot is on the other foot.

Instant Restaurant Complaint Letter

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A small gift for all Dear Customer Relations’ friends. A downloadable Instant Restaurant Complaint Letter. So, if get served a lousy meal or experience terrible service, you’re sorted!

Snooty Manor Hotel, Nether Scrotum

snooty manor collage

“The first thing I noticed as that it was completely drenched in lemon juice.  The second thing I noticed was WHY.  The fish was so far past its sell-by date that it could have climbed off the table and gone for a walk round the village”.

Hudson Hotel, NYC: Hot Models and Cold Plates

Hudson Hotel collage new

“I had no problem at all with the glass bathrooms. My wife is a very attractive woman and I rather enjoyed standing on the bed and watching her take a shower. Of course, I would have preferred to stand on the floor but there wasn’t a bit of floor big enough to accommodate both of my modestly sized feet”