Trouble at the Airport : the Car Park Stasi

airport stasi

Humberside Airport fined me £100 pounds for stopping on an airport road for just 31 seconds – that rate is enough to hire 29 100-foot super-yachts in Antigua! I wasn’t having any of that!

Merseyrail: A Giant Spectacular Cock Up

Merseyrail cock up

Tony Cliffe’s vitriolic rant to regional rail operator Merseyrail after they decide to mark one of the busiest days in their history by using smaller trains

Jetstar Airways: The Hippopotamus in seat 12C

Jetstar hippo

There is nothing worse than being sat next to a morbidly obese person in an economy airline seat. Except perhaps being sat in an economy airline seat beside a morbidly obese person with serious personal hygiene issues! This letter went globally viral when first added to DCR and caused much controversy.

FlyBe: Mr. Tosser and the Whoosh-Whoosh

FlyBe Making Flying Shit

There was a time when my day job meant that I had to visit Glasgow rather a lot and because the eight hour round-trip drive and the ten hour round-trip train journey were both so mind-numbingly dull, I often resorted to taking the plane. Unfortunately, that meant flying with FlyBe…

Auto Europe: The Car Hire Firm from Hell

auto europe collage new

Picking up a hire car at the airport should be pretty straight forward right? I’ve done it hundreds of times. Not this time. This time was hell….
This is the curious story of the Italian tractor from the Arse-End-of-Beyond and some strangely similar company logos….

United Airlines: United Breaks Guitars

One day back in 2013, I was having a Turkish beer in an English pub in Almaty, Kazakhstan when one of my Australian drinking partners showed me this Canadian complaint video on his Japanese phone.