Verizon: A Fishy Case of Mistaken Identity

verizon collage

Comedy writer Stephanie Yuhas was less than thrilled when Verizon Mobile sent her a bill for a cell phone which she didn’t even own. Apparently, someone had stolen her identity – or at least part of it…

Calor: A Nasty Case of Morning Gas

calor war collage

Kevin Borgers had had a busy bank holiday weekend and then a storm kept him awake most of the night. When he eventually got to sleep, he was less than happy when war broke out in his cul de sac…

EDF: Who Defrosted Uncle Fred?

EDF complaint body in attic

A power cut lasting three days is inconvenient enough but when you have a body in the freezer in the loft, things can get decidedly unpleasant….

Kogan Mobile: The Ice Cream Snatcher

Kogan Mobile and Mr Whippy

Yet another complaint to an Australian telecoms giant. This time, it’s Kogan Technologies that are in the firing line in a letter featuring ice cream theft and an invitation to the movies…

Virgin Media: Big Mike and the Night Pull

Virgin Media flying van

The first of two funny complaint letters to Virgin Media to land in the Dear Customer Relations inbox this month. This is the tale of Big Mike, the Virgin Media Regional Installations Manager whose ineptitude is without parallel.

Telstra: Ship of Fools

Telstra Ship of Fools

Another funny complaint letter to Telstra, formerly Bigpond, Australia’s largest and apparently most inept telecommunications company. Not just hilarious, but also highly educational.

Telstra: The Longest Complaint Letter Ever?

Telstra infogram

This is a complaint letter on an epic scale. It was written by blogger Cloaker Josh to Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra Corporation, after they put a bar on outgoing calls on Josh’s phone. Getting the bar lifted proved to be just about the most difficult thing that Josh had ever done. At over 11,000 words, this letter takes a bit of getting through so I suggest you get a cup of good coffee or, as this is an Australian letter, a nice cool tinny, put your feet up and be very very glad that this didn’t happen to you!