Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire…

ronson complaint

A few years ago, I had a holiday in the Greek Islands – and very nice it was too. Usually after a holiday, I would be complaining to airlines or hotels but this time, I had a very unusual experience involving a faulty cigarette lighter….. and my testicles!

Pantene: Disappearing Curls

Michael Scott Thomson is immensly proud of his curly locks and was seriously miffed when his favorite Pantene shampoo for curly tops disappeared from the supermarket shelves – so he decided to appeal to the manufacturer

Ibuprofen Liquid Capsules: Easy to Swallow?

“This all seemed like an awful lot of trouble to swallow an “easy-to-swallow” capsule. It occurred to me that it may actually be a great deal easier to introduce the capsule into the gastro-intestinal tract from completely the opposite end! A quick dab of Vaseline and hey presto!”

Is it a Car or is it a Sauna?

“The driver’s window goes on strike again. There you are, cruising along the motorway. Your left side, in the full blast of the broken heater, is slowly cooking to a perfect medium rare. Your right side is immersed in a torrent of freezing cold water hitting you at 70 miles per hour”.

Unilever: The Lynx Effect

Every spring for the last few years, a family of starlings has moved into the eaves of our house where they nest, and produce lots more starlings before leaving again at the end of the summer. Every morning at 4.30am on the dot, they suddenly come to life and take their morning exercise by running up and down the length of the house within the eaves, just above my daughter’s bedroom.