IKEA Expedit: A Weekend of Adventure

ikea expedit new jersey

Keith Snyder wanted a grey Expedit bookshelf. IKEA sold him a black one. He couldn’t get back to the New Jersey store so he decided to build it anyway. That’s when the real problems began…

A Nice LIDL Earner!

lidl parking scam 2

Steve Crowley recently witnessed his local Lidl store fining an elderly pensioner £90 for accidentally contravening their new parking restrictions. Steve thought that was disgraceful. If you agree, sign the petition to bring this odious practice to an end

Claire’s: The Thong-Flasher of Pigeon Poo Island

Claire's Accessories collage

Back in August 2014, Matt Jarvis went shopping with three generations of female members of his family (which is a brave thing to do by any standards). However, when the ladies decided to pay a visit to Claire’s, he wisely decided to stay out of the way…. which ended up being much more interesting!

PANDORA!: One Ring to Rule Them All

Pandora Lord of the Rings 03

This very long exchange with costume jewellery retailer Pandora was submitted by Stephen Crowley. The Pandora Saga is an epic tale, featuring wizards, elves, orcs, a turkey… and a baboon’s bottom.
You might want to put the kettle on before you read it…

Comet: I’ve Lost My Keys!

Comet broken keyboard

This exchange with electrical retailer Comet dates back to 2010 when Mike Dean experienced some difficulty with his Sony Vaio laptop computer. Rather inconveniently, the keys on his keyboard were prone to falling off – which made it rather difficult to write a letter of complaint!

M&S: Steak and Kidney Puddings

M&S steak and kidney complaint

This complaint concerns a pneumatic M&S Steak and Kidney Pudding which contained a lot of air but very little in the way of steak and kidney…

A Nasty Case of the Willy Wonkas

This letter was sent to me by novelist, Phil Williams.  It is addressed to Sainsburys and it concerns a rather disgusting episode involving a bottle of chocolate milk.

Old McDonalds

Old McDonalds

This letter was actually written by a grumpy septuagenarian who spends most of his time on cruise ships these days and who obviously believes that McDonalds should be catering to the more mature end of the market. He also happens to be my father!