Charmin Ultra Strong – A Basic Mistake

charmin collage new

Who could know that buying the wrong toilet paper could have such disastrous consequences? When Brian Legget’s wife accidentally picked up a pack of Charmin Basic, little did she realise that it would cost her her life.

David Wilson Homes – How Not to Build a House

David wilson homes and Bob

I wrote this letter 18 years ago to David Wilson Homes in a failed attempt to get them to put right defects with my new house. It didn’t work, they didn’t give a damn. It must have cost them a fortune.

M&S: Steak and Kidney Puddings

M&S steak and kidney complaint

This complaint concerns a pneumatic M&S Steak and Kidney Pudding which contained a lot of air but very little in the way of steak and kidney…

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire…

ronson complaint

A few years ago, I had a holiday in the Greek Islands – and very nice it was too. Usually after a holiday, I would be complaining to airlines or hotels but this time, I had a very unusual experience involving a faulty cigarette lighter….. and my testicles!

Hudson Hotel, NYC: Hot Models and Cold Plates

Hudson Hotel collage new

“I had no problem at all with the glass bathrooms. My wife is a very attractive woman and I rather enjoyed standing on the bed and watching her take a shower. Of course, I would have preferred to stand on the floor but there wasn’t a bit of floor big enough to accommodate both of my modestly sized feet”

A Nice LIDL Earner!

lidl parking scam 2

Steve Crowley recently witnessed his local Lidl store fining an elderly pensioner £90 for accidentally contravening their new parking restrictions. Steve thought that was disgraceful. If you agree, sign the petition to bring this odious practice to an end

EasyJet: No Fun in Funchal

esayjet complaint

This is the incident that sealed my hatred of Easyjet. Up until this point, they were just crap. When they’d cancelled my flight to Madeira in 2010, I was introduced to the unbelievable world of Easyjet Customer Relations – a strange place, staffed by people with strange names and an uncanny ability to avoid saying anything useful…

Comet: I’ve Lost My Keys!

Comet broken keyboard

This exchange with electrical retailer Comet dates back to 2010 when Mike Dean experienced some difficulty with his Sony Vaio laptop computer. Rather inconveniently, the keys on his keyboard were prone to falling off – which made it rather difficult to write a letter of complaint!