Verizon: A Fishy Case of Mistaken Identity

verizon collage

Comedy writer Stephanie Yuhas was less than thrilled when Verizon Mobile sent her a bill for a cell phone which she didn’t even own. Apparently, someone had stolen her identity – or at least part of it…

Virgin Media: Big Mike and the Night Pull

Virgin Media flying van

The first of two funny complaint letters to Virgin Media to land in the Dear Customer Relations inbox this month. This is the tale of Big Mike, the Virgin Media Regional Installations Manager whose ineptitude is without parallel.

Walkers Crinkles: A Crispy Atrocity

This email exchange with Walkers Crisps was submitted by Mark Jorgensen. It seems that Mark didn’t think his bag of Crinkles was quite as full as it should have been.

West Murcia Police : Oppressing the Proletariat

“I would rather obtain the course fee (£80) in 50 pence coins, heat them all in a pan, and push them individually up my own backside than be talked down to on safety by West Mercia Constabulary”

Westin Gourmet: Bill’s Beef Beef

DCR’s good friend and contributor Father Bill Haymaker has sent in a letter we can all relate to.  Bill spent the best part of half an hour waiting for someone at Westin Gourmet to answer his telephone call.

Who is Crapping in my Back Yard?

“You say you’re ‘not of the opinion’ that the piles of excrement appearing nightly in my back yard are being produced by the cats I’ve seen jumping over the walls. Do you think I’m bothered what kind of animal is crapping in my yard? I don’t care if it’s cats, aardvarks, or bloody sugar-gliders”

Wizzair: Vexation in Vilnius

“We didn’t realise that the ‘boarding’ that began to show on the boards in the airport approximately 1 hour before the scheduled departure time was Lithuanian for “Stand in a greenhouse for 40 minutes and sweat until you turn into a pair of balls in a puddle”.